Transition Between Paragraphs

Sometimes you may have a point that you need three paragraphs to describe maybe it will take me three paragraphs for you know the the reason that she arrives late to class and some of the others might take one too it’s you know you’re not sure or maybe you have 20 points that need to be addressed so this I’m Rella statement allows you put all that in there now after we’ve moved on past the introduction in the thesis statement then we move into our body paragraphs and every body paragraph we write needs to include a clearly stated topic sentence now the topic sentence is the first sentence in the paragraph it needs to bear a direct relationship to the thesis statement in other words you’re going to have a topic sentence. Find out more on how to do good transitions at Edusson.

That’s going to have an argumentative point it’s going to have sort of an opinion based in it but the opinion is linked to that thesis statement the thesis statement is the big statement the topic sentence is sort of a sub argument or a sub point that relates to the thesis because the more you prove with every topic sentence you uphold and support it will in turn support the thesis statement oftentimes and and most frequently the body pair in the the topic sentence rather it will need to include a transition word or phrase that links it to the prior paragraph because remember we want to write essays that have a nice flow if you’ve heard that term used often in your classes but you want things to transition whether you want it to move from paragraph to paragraph with a seamless transition you don’t want it to look like I wrote here’s one block of my paragraph and then everything stock now I’m going to write a whole new block of the paragraph on a whole new topic there needs to be a connection between each paragraph every sentence has a connection between it from one sentence to the next every paragraph has a transition or connection from one paragraph to the next.

That’s how we have paragraph unity and paragraph coherence you want everything to cohere to look like it matches up after you’ve written a good topic sentence then you provide specific evidence and support and that either comes through your personal experience or it may come from a documented source that you found or the research that you’ve performed that supports the claim that you’re making in that topic sentence and finally you’ll have a concluding sentence or statement and that’s going to wrap up the paragraph by demonstrating how and or why the information supports the thesis statement if you think about the specific evidence and support it’s going to go back to support and defend your topic sentence but once you’ve done that and explained why the topic sentence is justified then you need one final sentence or statement that sort of sums and ties everything up from that paragraph to show how all this information in turn supports or defend your thesis.

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