Essay Writing – The Question

I’m going to use my ideas as well part of this is look actually out there a lot of people are just not thinking anymore so you know you can make a difference by actually breaking that and starting to think and with that in mind I have a few basic tips okay so one of my standard mantras I repeat it guys for 233 you remember I said majority of you will not answer the question 10 groups five questions how many groups actually answered the question out of the ten groups okay I told them beforehand you know what I used to bet with everyone was I give you 500 euros 500 euros every single person in the class i will give you 500 euros if more than half of you answer the question it’s very difficult people just don’t answer questions they read the question and immediately Internet okay on the subject on the subject they don’t stop and think what is that question really asking they don’t reflect on it they don’t talk to people about.

It’s like this how many of them we had the tutorials and I showed them how many of you really answer the question well definitely less than fifty percent you see so again for I think the 25th year I saved my 500 euros per student okay i know i will never actually have to pay it because this is one of the greatest weaknesses now here is something very important you ever want to have a chance of appealing your mark and winning your appeal if you haven’t answered the question you’re already on a slippery slope okay because no matter whether you have discovered the secret of the universe you have merged all these four forces of the universe together in your paper if you haven’t answered my question I’m going to fail you okay or let’s put it this way i might feel generous at that moment and not fail you but you’re never going to get a good mark if you haven’t answered the question.

And that’s the starting point is people rush quickly they don’t contemplate they don’t think they don’t talk to others about the question okay so this is very important preparation what’s the main point of the question that’s number two okay because remember it’s either 2,500 words or three thousand words okay that’s the normal limits that’s not a lot but i’m going to show you the sorts of things that the students wanted to do they wanted to describe the whole history of an economy they wanted to compare it with two other economies they wanted to outline three different theoretical perspectives and the methodologies underlying all of those and then do empirical studies of their own all in 2,500 words wonderful if you can do that nobel prizes next okay because you know this is frankly absurd but look at the outlines and that’s the way you start and that’s what makes you crazy.

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